Thursday, April 22, 2010

Challenge #26

My turn to give you a challenge.... and I'm sure you will not be surprised with what I'm challenging you to do........ yep you guessed it... ANOTHER scrapbook page.... and once again, if you don't scrapbook, that's okay... you can use the sketch to make a card. Whatever works best for you!!

So... April.. I know you've been looking for a kick in gear.. this is it... the time is now... get that first page done and I'm sure you will be flying through them in no time.

Now.. on to the challenge....

I want to see a double page layout (for those of you who are card makers - make two cards)..

Please use the following sketches...
Page 1
Page 2

I don't want to limit you to anything else.... so no other requirements...

I have wanting to use an 8x10 photo on a scrapbook page.. something I have never done - however if you don't have an 8x10 - you can either mat up a 5x7 or use two 4x6s and mat them together to make a 6x8 or whatever works best for you.

Have fun! Can't wait to see what you ALL do! :)

Creations are to be posted on your blogs May 1-3.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

VSD Challenge # 5...

Hi friends! It's me Jennifer, and I'm bringing our 5th challenge to you. I wanted to do something that all of us could participate in, but put a twist to it. So, I'm going to have you do a Recipe Challenge. Here are the deets!
  1. Use 1 image.
  2. Use 2 ribbons.
  3. Use 3 different layers, at least.

And the twist...use something blue on your card. It doesn't matter what it is, or how much/little, just as long as some blue is on your card.

Hope you enjoy the challenge! Hugs! Jennifer

VSD #3 - Challenge #4 - Greeting Farm

Ok so here is my challenge VSD #3 challeng for you.

I'm pretty sure all of us have a Greeting Farm images. If you DO NOT then please use any image you would like. From what I have observed I think most of us are good to go.

1. Use the colors pink and blue on your card. You can use other colors as accents but I want pink and blue to be your main colors.

2. Second use SCS sketch SC265. Make sure you upload your card (or scrapbook page) to your blog and to your SCS gallery.

3. Use a Greeting Farm image.

Have fun!!!

VSD Challenge #3

Hi Ladies!!!! I hope everyone is getting scrappy today...I know I am:) A month or so ago I made a photo card for one of my DT's and I really enjoyed it. I can send it to someone in my family and they can put it in a frame or display it on a stand.

So here is my challenge:
~make a card with a photo on it
~use doodling on the photo or card or this...

For those of you that enter a card I will draw a prize;)

VSD #3 Challenge #2

Ok.. I know a lot of you are going to hate me.. but I'm challenging you to make a scrapbook page. I'm pretty sure just about everyone scraps... (even though some of you haven't in years!) and if you don't.. then adapt this to a card.

Please use the following sketch.

Please make sure you use a stamp on your layout.

And since our theme is spring, please use the colours green and yellow somewhere on your layout... stamp, paper, embellishments.. etc...

I am also challenging you to enter your project into a challenge blog... You can enter it at the Scrap and Stamp Saturday blog (that's where the sketch is from) and/or wherever you choose.

VSD 3 Challenge #1 - Paradise Inspiration

Welcome to VSD #3!

Hello! I am so excited about our 3rd Virtual Stamp Day! I'm even more excited that I'm able to host a challenge!
Our VSD #3 theme is Spring. So, I had this idea for a challenge in my head for a couple months...since the mention of a VSD #3. It can be looked at as Spring themed I guess if you think "hmmmm, this is somewhere I would loved to go on....Spring Break!" hee hee!

So, here's my challenge. It's an inspiration themed challenge with a recipe to go along with it.
Create a card, page, or 3D project designed around this picture:

Ahhhhh, do you feel like you are in Paradise? Look at the great look of these rocks, their grooves and shapes, the green landscape behind them and of course, the beautiful crystal clear water!

I would like you to design your project around this photo. Then, follow a few little requirements (recipe):

~ Only 1 embellishment
~ somewhere on your card use a crimper. If you don't have one, manually get the look of crimped paper/card stock by accordion folding it, then laying it out on your project.
~ Last but not least....NO COLORING! GASP!!!!!! I know right? But, isn't that why it's called a challenge? Get out all those solid stamps and colorful ink pads. Or, just use a sentiment as your main focus. It's totally up to you, but you can't color your image.

Okay now, take a deep breath. I know it's a lot to take in for your first crafty challenge of the day but I KNOW you can do it! I am in awe every week as I blog gaze at your beautiful creations so I am confident in your abilities to ROCK THIS CHALLENGE!!!! No pressure :)

Thanks so much for coming to check out my challenge. For the ladies that participate, I will put their names in a hat and draw for a winner of some crafty goodies!

**I have a Ladies Conference to attend and I am not "live" during this challenge post but I will be back soon to post my creation for this challenge**

Melina :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Challenge #25 - - Challenge Combination

Hello, I decided to post our challenge a few days early so you would have time to think about it and possibly work on it over our VSD weekend. Just keep in mind, DO NOT POST YOUR CREATION ON YOUR BLOG UNTIL APIRL 17-18.

I know we all like to combine challenges. I see everyone doing it all the time on their blogs. So for this challenge it's going to be a Challenge Combination.

Element 1: Place a flower somewhere on your card. This can be a paper flower, prima flower, stamped flower image, flower dp, etc. As long as there is a flower on your card.

Element 2: Embossing, I want to see embossing. This can be dry embossing with your Cuttlebug or Big Shot or it can be heat embossing.

Element 3: Use SCS sketch SC273.

Have fun!!